What products LESSO are manufacturing and what you can offer?

Who we are?
LESSO Solar is the flagship division of LESSO Group - the Hong Kong-listed (2128.HK) manufacturer of building materials with 37 years of heritage and annual revenue of over USD4.5 billion.
LESSO New Energy specializes in Manufacturing solar panels, inverters, batteries and related products and providing integrated new-energy solutions covering various clients' needs: industrial, commercial, enterprises and households. For Solar panels , yearly production is 15GW and it will increase to 21GW in 2024.

What we can offer ?
Effectively integrated upstream manufacturing and downstream installation.
The products include solar cells, PV panels, solar PV systems, PV roof tiles, power inverters and energy storage battery system. Comparing to the traditional factory, LESSO is making use of its advantages in construction and new energy, offering the complete solar solution system to the solar installers , EPC contractors, distributors.

Solar panels
Solar inverter is the most important part to turns the sunlight into electricity. LESSO has a complete power range and types of solar panels from 390w-700w mono and bifacial type, with 2 main technology Perc and TOPcon in the market, can satisfying all the projects requirement with overseas complete certifications CE IEC CQC UKCA ISO TUV.

Inverter plays an important role to transform DC to AC output that is for home appliance use.  At the same time LESSO offers various inverters including hybrid inverter , off grid inverters, micro inverters on grid solar inverter, for home and commercial application, the power range including 400W, 800W 3kw,5kw,8kw,10kw 15kw, 30kw 50kw 110kw etc. If you are confusing in choosing the inverters, contact LESSO expert team for a suitable suggestions.

Solar storage Batteries
In off grid system ,and hybrid system storage battery can backup the power generate from the solar when there is any extra left electricity from the solar , it can make fully use of solar.
LESSO offering the lithium phostaphate batteries with various specification, for example: 48V 51.2v low voltage for single phase system, as well as the high voltage batteries systems like 102.4V 204.8V 307.2V 409.6V 512V 768V, regarding to the battery cell capacity we have 50ah 100ah 150ah 200ah 280ah 300ah for choice depending on different applications. For a user friendly system LESSO is offering All in one ESS which integrate inverters,MPPT, and batteries, just plug and connect to the use.

The services include consultation, design, engineering, installation, operation, maintenance, upgrade, contractual energy management.

Advanced Manufacturing
As a well known manufacturer, LESSO Always adopt advanced full automatic production lines and leading technology to keep a high level of product quality and production capacity.


Photovoltaic mounting system Design and customization
Photovoltaic mounting system is as an important component to assist the installation of photovoltaic panels, we provide customers with a real-time response, free design services, according to the actual situation of the project can be customized to give customers a set of suitable for the project of the racking system, such as customers to provide the following information about the project can be obtained within 24 hours of the project budget as well as planning diagrams.
PV bracket plan need info as follows:
1. Roof or ground material
2. Roof beam material, beam spacing
3. Country, city and angle of installation
4. The length and width of the site
5. Local wind speed
6. Photovoltaic panel size
7. Snow Load N/m²

Solar Projects
By Dec 31 2022, LESSO has participated in the construction of 90 projects of PV power stations, including 78 domestic projects and 12 overseas projects. LESSO owns 16 power stations, with an installed capacity of up to 12.5MW.