Solar Cable

Solar cable

Durable and Reliable, Transfer Your Power to Anywhere

LESSO cable is dedicated to providing safe and reliable power solutions. The company has strong scientific research, production and manufacturing capabilities. Cable products have the characteristics resistance, acid and alkali resistance, ultraviolet resistance, flame retardant and environmental protection and long service life. Stale power output is ensured through high-quality products, which meet the requirements of safe and efficient operation of multi-scene solar photovoltaic power generation systems.


Low Voltage Cable

High electric Strength | Mechanical Strength | High-ageing Resisting Environmental Stress Resisting | Anti-chemical Cross

LESSO low voltage cable suitable for fixed installation cables in distribution networks or industrial installations with AC rated voltage of 1kV and below; In photovoltaic power stations, it is mainly used between combiner boxes and low-voltage cabinets in electric rooms. XLPE cable has simple structure, easy to use, not limited by laying drop, and the maximum allowable temperature of the conductor for a long time is 90℃.The conductor adopt high-purity oxygen-free copper, which has high conductivity and large ampacity. XLPE insulation has excellent electrical properties and aging resistance. Unarmored cable is suitable for laying indoors, pipeline, tunnels cable trenches; Armored cables are suitable for indoors pipeline, tunnels, cable trenches and underground direct burial, and can withstand mechanical external forces.


YJV(3+1 core)


YJV(3+2 core)


YJV(3+1 core)


YJV22(3+1 core)


YJV22(3+2 core)


YJV22(4+1 core)


YJLHV(3+1 core)


YJLHV22(4+1 core)

String Solar Cable

LESSO string solar cable suitable for series cables between photovoltaic modules and components in photovoltaic power generation systems, parallel cables between strings and strings to DC distribution boxes (combiner boxes) and cables between DC distribution boxes and inverters; It is also suitable for AC cables for connecting inverters to the transmission grid. 
The conductor using tinned copper wire can effectively protect the copper wire oxidation and discoloration so that the conductivity decreases, insulation and sheath using electronic irradiation cross-linking, improve the physical and mechanical properties of the product and weather resistance environmental performance, so that the product can be used in -40℃ to 90℃ ambient temperature.

Oxidation and aging resistance. Excellent resistance to abrasion, strong current overload capacity.

Halogen-free, high temperature resistant and fire flame retardant.

Uniform the thickness of insulating with guarantee safety. Ensuring low core bias and prevent current breakdown.

Resistance to bending, wear resistance, high flexibility. Fold without cracking or breaking easily.