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If you’re in search of a reliable PV system manufacturer, look no further than LESSO. Our R&D team is adept at tailoring complete PV systems to match project-specific usage scenarios and electricity consumption. This includes optimizing the power configuration of solar panels, customizing the production of mounting brackets to suit various roofs and concrete floors, and providing inverters and storage battery packs for optimal load operation. LESSO is your trusted partner in building a cost-effective, reliable, durable, intelligent, and highly efficient PV storage and charging integrated system. Offering residential off-grid and grid-tie solutions, cutting-edge technology, advanced intelligent manufacturing, and commercial energy storage solutions. We pave the way for a new era of energy and lifestyles—accessible anytime, anywhere.

LESSO Solar Panel

The application of multi-busbar(MBB) half-cut cell technology brings stronger resistance to shade and lower risk of hot spot.
Strict control on raw materials and process optimization of high efficiency TOPCON ensure better resistance against PID of PV module.
Through harsh weathering tests of sanddustsalt mistammonia, etc., to get stronger weather resistance of outdoor environment.
Lower oxygen and carbon content result in lower LID. By series and parallel design,to reduce the series RS and achieve higher power output and lower BOS cost.Lower temperature coefficient and lower operating temperature can ensure higher power generation.


about us

Guangdong Lesso Banhao New Energy Technology Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Lesso Solar) is a subsidiary of China Lesso Group Holding Co., LTD. (stock code: 2128.HK). The company is a new energy group integrating research and development, production, sales and service, focusing on solar power generation and energy storage fields.

Our business scope provides photovoltaic products, energy storage products, energy project investment and engineering services in centralized ground photovoltaic, commercial photovoltaic, household photovoltaic and other application scenarios. At present, the company has five big production base, construction area of 450,000 ㎡, actively introduce advanced equipment at home and abroad, build intelligent building photovoltaic integration (BIPV) modules, solar photovoltaic standard modules, solar cells and other intelligent automation production line, form an annual output of super 15.3GW components and 6GW of solar cell production scale.

LESSO Solar adheres to the customer value as the center, to provide customers with high-quality new energy solutions, and provides photovoltaic + energy storage system investment, solar system power station design and development and optical storage, charging and inspection integration of professional services.

At the same time, we will constantly improve the strategic layout, expand the sales network and market space, fully promote the global business system, and always keep pace with the world.

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